We personalize your caricature from your photos!
We do not use templates to do caricatures each one is personally created. If you see a format you like we can then use that.

“Why You Should SHOW the Customer What You Offer” by Mark Hunter
Leading Sales Expert and Speaker
Sales Training / Sales Motivation / Sales Prospecting / Maximizing the Selling Price

In today’s economy customers want to know more than just what you can do, they want to see it. I feel this is critically important for several reasons.

One, it reassures the customer the money they’re about to spend is going to be spent properly...

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Welcome to Creative Lines, a world of creativity where it all begins with a line!

We are an innovative company that specializes in making recognition, appreciation & memorable experiences come to life though quality personalized products that elevate basic gifts & awards to an exciting new level. Combining our skill & levity with your personal heart-felt tribute enables us to make your vision a reality through unique one-of-a-kind gifts or products that will be cherished for years to come. We invite you to explore our site to discover the variety of products we can help to create to meet your personal or your business needs.

As owner & lead illustrator of Creative Lines, it has always been my passion to instill laughter or inspire through tears of joy – to create good feelings through my artistic talents. I look forward to consulting with you to create a vision that meets your needs and enables you to express your appreciation & care for others in imaginative & unique ways. Let the creativity begin!

Keith L Petersen
Owner/ Illustrator


We offer a full range of creative services including free consultations for all of our products. Please see our policy statement for more information.

"The presentation went great and he was very pleased with the caricature. He keeps looking at it and mentioning all the things that were included in the picture. I even saw him a few days later and he was still talking about the caricature and how his daughters loved it. Thanks again for putting that together on such quick notice and for working with us on it. The Bonus was well deserved and I really appreciated your help and assistance."
-- JB Little Rock Air Base

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